This is one from my book Poems from the trap volume 1. I don’t always talk about nefarious activities, it gets emotional too, but don’t get it twisted

Give me one more chance and I’ll write all my wrongs, give me one more chance and I’ll write you a song

I’ll tell the world that you are my universe, I’ll tell the stars that you cum first

You can look at my sleeves & see tattoo tears, If you look in my eyes you’ll see a lot of regret and wishing you were here

I been working my way back to you
I’m six two but my soul grew and my common sense too

Y’all come first over everything in existence, It was a revolution and I didn’t miss it

Black love is the most beautiful on Earth and a black woman is the mother of birth

No blessings will come to me until I do right by you, and I pray I can fall asleep every night next to you

Dear higher power please hear my words, I came back from the edge to be what they deserve


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