I been waking during the witching hour, so I grab my amethyst and feel the power, deep breath exhale slow internalize the pain and let it go

When you talk to the universe it talks back, my pineal glad understands this fact, the world is yours if you know how to take it back

Vibrate to shake the hate off your spirit, thoughts become things and the subconscious hears it, if you want it abracadabra until you manifest, the frequencies that flow through your mind are stronger than the beat in your chest

Let go and release from the physical form, astral projection is like coming through the womb and being reborn, detach from reality once you realize the real lies told by open eyes



I’m dying inside and the universe told me you have the cure, it’s been a long time since I heard words that pure, It’s been a revolving door of broken hearts that I try to fix, I’m always attracted to the Beyoncé in the clique

Pretty is ugly and usually the most damaged, child molestation rapes and secrets lead to hearts that need to be bandaged, I wonder if you see what I see when you look in the mirror I see my destiny and Lasik couldn’t make it any clearer

I’m willing to suck the pain out through your mouth but I’ll be tired boss so don’t get mad if I fall asleep on the couch, funny they told you to run away from a man like me but they’re the ones that broke you; such hypocrisy

If you’re willing to put up half your broken heart I’ll put up the other half and we’ll have a whole one in nine months according to the math; glad to see you can still laugh but to be real no metaphors nothing inferred or implied if I can fix you than I resurrect the best parts of me that died



My best friend is a goddess and trust me I’m being modest

She’s the words that I write in motion her body naturally produces a love potion

She makes me look in the mirror and check myself she makes sure I don’t miss appointments because she cares about my health

She takes up for the broken hearts in my past when we talk about my indiscretions she says I would have left and I should smack your ass

She gives me insight that I find to be priceless and rare I try my best to teach her everything I know to show her I care

She lets me know when she senses game she be like don’t do it best friend ole girl a lame

Look at me with a whole platonic friend that I’m scared to touch because I don’t want this friendship to end



We do more love making than fukin we confront problems head on we don’t do no ducking

I got a 45 her a 380 so if you get me you still getting hit by my ol lady

We don’t argue about petty matters ain’t no cheating so ain’t no infections in her bladder

She smoke joints I smoke blunts she smoke gas I smoke runts

We never but heads on the spades table when I deal we Obama tight fuk Trump that’s the new label

I can feel when she’s having a bad day in my spirit so I show her I love her when she can’t hear it & if you hurt her you better fear it

We laugh about inside jokes all day & if her ex sees this she thinks you’re gay something about a beard but I don’t really listen when she starts to talk that way

This ain’t ordinary life no ring could define my wife she the hard six on the dice if I get reincarnated I want her twice her momma said I stole her baby in a heist but she love me now she super nice



You love control too much to be with me, you won’t let go and trust what you see in me, you suppose too much to ever let your heart believe the words I say, you look for a clue that doesn’t exist each and everyday, I’m not the person that has you spiraling out of control, I’m the one that’s trying to pull you in out from the cold, I gave full disclosure about anything that could be seen in my past but, you hold it against me instead of letting me hold your mean ass, if we’re not going to stay the course this is time we don’t need to waste but if you want to finish the puzzle we can take our time and still win the race



So what I hear you saying is you’re tired of living in my lie

All I do is take and your the only one given tears to cry

To be honest I never wanted a wife but I always wanted you and if I didn’t commit you were going to leave so what else was I to do ?

We went too far to remain just friends and I was already addicted to your curves and the way your body bends

I held it down long as I could but liquor plus ease & access equal wood

The biggest mistake you could make is to think that you weren’t enough

It was me that fell short & you finally called my bluff

Not to be funny but won’t he do it ?

From being your Fons to fuk you brah screw it



They send her flowers I smoke mine, they massage her back I break her spine, she rush them she insist I take my time, we talk for hours about everything from Black lives matter to super powers, I know her momma and all her cousins we were talking when I was gone and everybody thought we wasn’t, I think she like the fact I carry guns throw ones and have coupons for fun, drop them off for me to pick her up against the wall on some high shit and fall third mattress this year put dents in them all, she pop up everywhere I go with a tsunami and make sure I know come halftime I got a show, not quite lovers but way more than friends when she say she love me I still pretend because I feel like I love you is the beginning of the end, we vibe bodies collide I know her from the inside when we slide it’s not about pride that died and the I love you is getting harder to hide


Mi amor

She’s damaged but she’s a keeper, all she needs is for a man to love her deeper, she’s not going to respond to a timid man, she wants to be pushed to the limit by a gentleman, she has to be able to believe you when she looks in your eyes and see you have the answer for all her what when’s and why’s, she doesn’t need a daddy she already has one of those, she’s looking for an outlier that’ll stand ten toes, she has trust issues or should I say scars, she’s going to need you to be strong enough to rip through those bars, no matter what you do just don’t start to lie, because then in the future you will be I



Today I decided to be happy, I could care less if you talk shit and @ me, I can vibrate higher at will with one thought still, mind control, breathing & dedication, I’m a black man who chose emancipation, put down the pistols and strapped up with the crystals, they can search for the god particle as much as they like, when I look in the mirror it’s within my sight, it’s all connected from the dirt to the stars, when I smoke the earth my eyes turn into Mars, when I meditate my mind transcends time and space, when I check back in I know the outcome of the race


7/26/10 IMU

I miss you so much I can taste you in my mouth, I really miss those curvy roads going down south, I miss how you looked me in my eyes, I miss how you made my heart rate rise, I miss exploring every once of your body, I miss you so much I can’t touch just anybody, I miss how you made me fall in love, I miss you like tears from a dove, I even miss the pillow talks, I miss the rhythm in the sway when you walk, I miss how you held me at the point of impact, come to think about it I miss everything about you as a matter of fact