I’m dying inside and the universe told me you have the cure, it’s been a long time since I heard words that pure, It’s been a revolving door of broken hearts that I try to fix, I’m always attracted to the Beyoncé in the clique

Pretty is ugly and usually the most damaged, child molestation rapes and secrets lead to hearts that need to be bandaged, I wonder if you see what I see when you look in the mirror I see my destiny and Lasik couldn’t make it any clearer

I’m willing to suck the pain out through your mouth but I’ll be tired boss so don’t get mad if I fall asleep on the couch, funny they told you to run away from a man like me but they’re the ones that broke you; such hypocrisy

If you’re willing to put up half your broken heart I’ll put up the other half and we’ll have a whole one in nine months according to the math; glad to see you can still laugh but to be real no metaphors nothing inferred or implied if I can fix you than I resurrect the best parts of me that died


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