We do more love making than fukin we confront problems head on we don’t do no ducking

I got a 45 her a 380 so if you get me you still getting hit by my ol lady

We don’t argue about petty matters ain’t no cheating so ain’t no infections in her bladder

She smoke joints I smoke blunts she smoke gas I smoke runts

We never but heads on the spades table when I deal we Obama tight fuk Trump that’s the new label

I can feel when she’s having a bad day in my spirit so I show her I love her when she can’t hear it & if you hurt her you better fear it

We laugh about inside jokes all day & if her ex sees this she thinks you’re gay something about a beard but I don’t really listen when she starts to talk that way

This ain’t ordinary life no ring could define my wife she the hard six on the dice if I get reincarnated I want her twice her momma said I stole her baby in a heist but she love me now she super nice


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