They send her flowers I smoke mine, they massage her back I break her spine, she rush them she insist I take my time, we talk for hours about everything from Black lives matter to super powers, I know her momma and all her cousins we were talking when I was gone and everybody thought we wasn’t, I think she like the fact I carry guns throw ones and have coupons for fun, drop them off for me to pick her up against the wall on some high shit and fall third mattress this year put dents in them all, she pop up everywhere I go with a tsunami and make sure I know come halftime I got a show, not quite lovers but way more than friends when she say she love me I still pretend because I feel like I love you is the beginning of the end, we vibe bodies collide I know her from the inside when we slide it’s not about pride that died and the I love you is getting harder to hide


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