She likes dope boys so you never really had a chance she let you get close because she still wanted romance, I think it bothers her because neither will ever be what the other need, only reason I know is because she tells me when we’re smoking weed

Yeah she smoke too and roll like she grew up in Cuba… sideline, was she in the band because her lips move like she playing a tuba; nevermind T.M.I. here I am talking crazy when you’re about to cry

You seem like a nice guy so this is what I’mma do, I’ll block her and I’ll block you too so that way you won’t get drunk one night in your feelings and your call come through, try to save both of us from something we probably don’t want to do

No hard feelings I totally get your position bruh, this the first time you stuck to your intuition huh, imma do you one better and disappear, now I’m depending on you to make her not reappear


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