The devil wears Prada and so do I, it’s very rare that you see either one of us cry, that little red strip is the thin line, I know he’s not going to let you cross his so I can’t let you cross mine

Double souls are my favorite kind, they give me a different perspective because I’m 6′ 4″ when I wear mine, funny enough they look like ninja boots for a suit, but the leather insoles and flat bottoms keep me steady when I shoot hoops or drive coups

Or whatever your vice, they look like ninja boots for some reason I thought I should say that twice, I would be wild enough to wear some ninja boots on a heist



I do a lot of things to make me appear softer, but if she’s smiling in my face than I probably coughed her, she know what I mean I don’t care if you do, plus she only introduced us to fuk with you throw a alley-oop see what I would do, it’s all good though I pose no threat, she and I already have memories that she will never forget, go ahead try to make my baby happy, but I did wonder if you were the dude fixated on her calling you Daddy, CREEP SHIT CREEP SHIT CHESTER ALERT and my second thought was; he got on her shirt, that conversation on the way home had to be fire, she would have been texting me the details had I not retired



She likes dope boys so you never really had a chance she let you get close because she still wanted romance, I think it bothers her because neither will ever be what the other need, only reason I know is because she tells me when we’re smoking weed

Yeah she smoke too and roll like she grew up in Cuba… sideline, was she in the band because her lips move like she playing a tuba; nevermind T.M.I. here I am talking crazy when you’re about to cry

You seem like a nice guy so this is what I’mma do, I’ll block her and I’ll block you too so that way you won’t get drunk one night in your feelings and your call come through, try to save both of us from something we probably don’t want to do

No hard feelings I totally get your position bruh, this the first time you stuck to your intuition huh, imma do you one better and disappear, now I’m depending on you to make her not reappear



This is going to be the most hater thing you ever heard me say, so I’mma go ahead and accept the fact that I’m hating today

when I came down those steps and saw another suitor in your face, I wanted to reach back to when we were together and swing from that place but I had to let dude be because I already was out on bond for a open case

I walked real close hoping you told him something I did and he wanted to defend your honor, I was fully prepared to smack his lips back in time to go look for Sarah Conner

Then I realized two things in that one instance, I guess I am childish and kind of understood why you didn’t want to go the distance, I damn near cried that night but we were deep so I resisted

When I got to the house I rolled a stocking stuffer, looked in the mirror and said you had one job mother fucker, that’s when the plan started formulating, in the beginning I was horrible pretty much just emulating, over the years I’ve stepped into my own, now I understand the importance of protecting that throne, don’t be like me go ahead and fix it now, because one day you might find yourself in your emotions sounding like Drake in front of a crowd



When I got bigger than the bullies I became leader of the pack, you whip one kid ass and they see you not going for that, I had kids that used to beat me up breaking in hostess trucks for snacks, power rush..  I think I’m addicted to that

I was beard gang at 15 years old, I used to walk into U-totem to get my beer because it was cold, I used to get my Newports from 7-Eleven though and my XXX magazines, at this point I was trying to show grown ladies moves they never seen

Don’t blame the clerk’s or the women, whoever remember I kept gold coins to go swimming, but what had more effect were those every other weekend visits dwindling, plus relations at 12 gave me the confidence of any man to pick my vices off the shelf, balcony at school I’m such a good planner, that’s the day I became the Hulk and erased Bruce Banner.. virginity story if you’re a slow understander

A lot of the stuff I write you have to read slow and listen fast, more than likely if you don’t understand I’m using an analogy about sex crime or cash, 6 out of 10 times if it’s heartfelt than you know the situation and know I’m not chasing any clout just anticipation, the other four times I’m probably in the 5th dimension wondering about a black owned plantation



I used to be brutally honest but then you turn me into a liar, I fell in love with you but pimp juice wasn’t ready to retire, I had a stable full I was a V12 raging bull, they were gullwing but not doors; I’m trying to say I was running through whores, but I had a princess at home who was strong as lumber I told them about you before I even got a phone number, I think that made them want me even more, I was five letters away from a perfect alphabet score yeah LMNOP fell like in 03; but I always told them the truth because I cared about you, and the first time they said anything  disrespectful we were through, oh ok yeah I think I get it now that I said it out loud, the crazy thing is I started writing this proud, and now I’m doubting whether or not I should even give it to the crowd


I know I love her but I’m starting to doubt myself, see she has four kids; the biggest reason why I put the proposal on the shelf

I know I’m ready to be the man she needs me to be, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a whole family, that’s a huge responsibility to take on when I only have one, hell I can’t propose now I’m in a custody battle thats not even done

Plus you don’t understand my child’s mama, if she found out I was taking on four kids she would blow like Osama, another reason why I doubt myself is she gets included in everything, even a conversation with myself about buying you a ring

I’m not sure if I could stand the temptation of not trying to right wrongs from my past, and your kids deserve more than to be in a rotating cast, I do love her enough to know she deserves to be happy forever, but I’m not sure if I wont go when I get that call to put the fam back together


It’s been a lot of Thanksgiving since You’ve been gone, but this one hurts especially bad because it’s been too long, too long for reconciliation, too long for a phone call anticipation, the worse part about it is I actually changed, you’d be surprised, black love dominates every part of my body, down to my big vein, if you gave me 8 minutes and 28 seconds I could explain, you wouldn’t even have to hear my voice, until it was up to you, your choice, it’s much easier to communicate without text messages or in boxes, those things usually come back up and make for interesting paradoxes, I heard you saw my mans and them and not one question, I had to ask if it look like you were stressed and I heard so guess you still you you want me to tell the truth or you want me to spare your insides  ? because really she look better than that girl that I saw you with outside, so yeah I guess you still you, but enough about me and the things I put you through, how’s my little superhero ? Still dominating on the court ? Still making goals? We made an all sport, well this was kind of long for a letter with no address, anyway Happy Thanksgiving God bless


Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my thoughts ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾

DRUGZ..  how many of us need them??  DRUGZ… How many of us use them?? .. DRUGZ… How many of us need them?? Let’s be real

Everybody has a vice, some are accepted and some make people look twice, some roll up to forget and be at ease, some pop pills and blame it on their knees, one time I talked to a dude that huffed freon, I just listened as he told me about the high he on

Some break out the skis and go on holiday, not Christmas but Doc they act erratic in a way, others travel with a tourniquet and have to tie off to get their blast, if they aspirate this will be their last

Some people argue whether or not this one should qualify, but it has to be a drug if you keep drinking after your first D.U.I, you can chalk it up as just having too much fun, but it has to be a drug at least when you catch your second one, you figured it out so now you only drink at home, only problem is you drove everyone away so now you’re all alone

Not to leave anyone out we got the hardest working on the list, sell their daughters laptop for ten minutes worth of bliss, can fix the engine on everything from a 72 Impala to a Rolls-Royce wraith, swear on his mama grave and he was with her yesterday, come on baby I got you when my check come on payday, needless to say a week later he got the beats by Dre

DRUGZ..  how many of us need them??  DRUGZ… How many of us use them?? .. DRUGZ… How many of us need them?? Let’s be real