I used to be brutally honest but then you turn me into a liar, I fell in love with you but pimp juice wasn’t ready to retire, I had a stable full I was a V12 raging bull, they were gullwing but not doors; I’m trying to say I was running through whores, but I had a princess at home who was strong as lumber I told them about you before I even got a phone number, I think that made them want me even more, I was five letters away from a perfect alphabet score yeah LMNOP fell like in 03; but I always told them the truth because I cared about you, and the first time they said anything  disrespectful we were through, oh ok yeah I think I get it now that I said it out loud, the crazy thing is I started writing this proud, and now I’m doubting whether or not I should even give it to the crowd

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