FAMβ€’Iβ€’LY 2020

Only time we’re at piece is at funerals, every other time we’re judging each other like tribunals, that one fake, this one a snake, watch that one cause you know what they take

Fake hugs fake concern and fake speech, they’ll stab you in the back before somebody off the street, if you have a moral compass it’s hard to compete plus they don’t feel like you’ll bust their head to the white meat

Call something out and they’ll label you an asshole, like you only existed in the present and not the past though, to be honest we really don’t even like each other, we only fake it for the grandmother

You know how they are is cancer to my ears, you can accept it but I don’t have to be here, transfer that loyalty to the one that I made, and if it’s a problem we can run the fade



I hate going into Viking mode but I’ll do it, if you have a problem with me please don’t pursue it

I’ve been known to overreact at times, my anger is different and it blinds

I won’t see destroying you will also kill me, I’m just letting you know I have a knack for efficiency

I’ll take the red flags and make a bandana, introduce ape mode and then the banana

A lot of smoke but it’s not trees, stop drop and roll will not stop these

A peaceful man fighting an inner war, you cut me and I promise these demons will take you on a tour



You are absolutely gorgeous but that’s not enough, could you understand a life filled with grief pain and similar stuff, what that mind do is a question and I need answers, if pretty is all there is than it will eat away at this union like a cancer, can you help me plan this strategy and tweak my ideas? If the answer is yes I need you right here, if pretty is all that’s on the table, you know I can find another real life no fable



I have to move through life like I have a hundred bricks on me at all times, I can’t drift and drive I have to stay  between the lines, I have to remember that I’m always going to be the aggressor even in situations where I had to apply no pressure, 6′ 2″ 220 bald head black male with a beard, I’m the usual suspect and I just got here, my tattoos automatically mean thug Life, but if you look closer all you’ll see is my child and my future wife, yes I do feel like I need a gun because I’m going to get shot in the back if I run, give me the same dignity that you give Tommie the dog, you can’t be mad at me because my mind is digital and you stuck on analog, I hold doors and take my elders groceries in the house, I just want you to know I’m tired of being emasculated and why I might want to punch you in the mouth



Any animosity or problems I may have had, I leave them in yesterday where they can do no bad

If I dwell and let them fester, I promise you I’ll be more the joker than a jester

My mind moves very fast, to the point I’ve seen your future in my past, you can’t jump over the fire you have to walk through and to be honest I don’t think it’s in you

Stay on the sidewalk and keep your pass, but just know I do reserve the right to pull out this pen and ether your ass



We act like we gang gang but that’s just a facade usually perpetrated when a camera is on a tripod, to be completely transparent I’ll only ride for a few, so chances are I wouldn’t step into the gray area with you, the closets are walk in my thriller jacket in the back, I’m cordial with the skeletons which allow me to talk like that, when I stand up in church everybody turns into a chicken, what he about to say am I going to have to raise my tithe giving, I’ve seen people get leaned on with massive threats, but it seems like the most fearful is a truth that won’t forget



I do a lot of things to make me appear softer, but if she’s smiling in my face than I probably coughed her, she know what I mean I don’t care if you do, plus she only introduced us to fuk with you throw a alley-oop see what I would do, it’s all good though I pose no threat, she and I already have memories that she will never forget, go ahead try to make my baby happy, but I did wonder if you were the dude fixated on her calling you Daddy, CREEP SHIT CREEP SHIT CHESTER ALERT and my second thought was; he got on her shirt, that conversation on the way home had to be fire, she would have been texting me the details had I not retired