This is going to be the most hater thing you ever heard me say, so I’mma go ahead and accept the fact that I’m hating today

when I came down those steps and saw another suitor in your face, I wanted to reach back to when we were together and swing from that place but I had to let dude be because I already was out on bond for a open case

I walked real close hoping you told him something I did and he wanted to defend your honor, I was fully prepared to smack his lips back in time to go look for Sarah Conner

Then I realized two things in that one instance, I guess I am childish and kind of understood why you didn’t want to go the distance, I damn near cried that night but we were deep so I resisted

When I got to the house I rolled a stocking stuffer, looked in the mirror and said you had one job mother fucker, that’s when the plan started formulating, in the beginning I was horrible pretty much just emulating, over the years I’ve stepped into my own, now I understand the importance of protecting that throne, don’t be like me go ahead and fix it now, because one day you might find yourself in your emotions sounding like Drake in front of a crowd


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