Hi my name is Nova; I’m addicted to everything, red bones, money phones, indica and sleeping alone

Hi my name is Nova; I’m addicted to everything, attention whore, jewelery store, couple cars, we need more

Hi my name in Nova I’m addicted to everything, fresh out Riverside regional ready to let my nuts hang, gotta a girl that say she love me and imma try my best, but I’m addicted to double D’s on every girls chest

Hi my name is Nova a certified problem, I get this guy into all kind of conundrums sit back and see if he can solve em

Hi my name is Cee; I’m addicted to everything my family, my son, sativa, the peace it bring

Hi my name is Cee; I’m addicted to everything mental health, mental wealth and memories on a shelf

Hi my name is Cee, and I gotta fix everything grandiose asshole did, I had to use all of his money to fight to see our kid, Hi my name is Cee, I’m a proud black father, I refuse to raise another Nova I’m shooting for a road scholar, a Titan of industry or artist like me, I will bend reality to manifest his destiny

Hi my name is Cee I’m a reformed womanizer, I had to go through hell to become a black love realiser, Hi my name is Cee and I played with a lot of hearts, it’s one in particular I have to fix that I tore apart, Hi my name is Cee I’m on a mission for redemption I came from the bottom bear witness to my ascension


I’m serving two masters trying to figure out who’s going to win trying to figure out when I’m being real and when I’m playing pretend

Sometimes I do things that I know I shouldn’t but then my mind instantly flashes back to times that I wanted to and I couldn’t

Everyday is a thin line when you’re living in the gray sometimes I forget what side I’m on and it reflects in the things that I say

The devil on my shoulder stays putting in work the angel is a convicted felon and sometimes a jerk

At this particular juncture I’m not sure which way I want the scale to tilt but I do know every time we go left I feel guilt

I got a hot hand I been hitting my point for a minute but if I lean back I can see the gray matter and I’m caught up in it I lean forward I’m happy but I know I’m pretending a day in the life of me that’s where I’m going to end it


So I’m in the backseat handcuffs on my wrist, I can still feel em everytime I think about this

At this point I’m getting compliments about my choice of firearm and how it could defeat the armor they had on, I’m like yeah unfortunately that’s gonna be about the eighth one gone, everytime this happen y’all takeĀ  one bruh, so I’m guessing my baby eagle gone huh

I just got out from my second one, three months later I catch my third, I’m still on probation for the second one; yeah this is absurd, on to booking we go, if they give me a bond it’ll be high because of my other case, lucky for me I got enough in my pocket to get me, fuk face

Hear the clink in the morning then the bright lights, I’m about to go in front of the monitor and roll the dice, come on hard six not trying to take a cold shower for lice, got a lecture then he put twenty on my head, that’s cool I got over two in property like I previously said

First phonecall I know this number by heart, it’s a dub I got the ten in property go ahead and make the paperwork start, oh and call to see if you can catch my car, they were being difficult said they were taking it out far

Finally twelve hours later I’m back in control, returning missed calls telling a copy of a story I already told, Khalid before Khalid another one, same folks same jurisdiction; this should be fun


So I hop in the car throw the food in the seat, put my seatbelt on and Gucci Mane on repeat, I pulled out the parking lot took a right, saw a car come from out of  nowhere in my peripheral sight

I got to the stop sign make sure I make a complete stop just in case it is a sheriff or a city cop, ease off, so far things going my way; that’s all until I hit the signal to freedom to get on the highway

BOOM!! there it is they light me up, I pull over slow to drink this goose I had in a cup, FUK!! I got a salary on me, my smoke pack, and a 40 caliber eagle under the seat with black talons in it by my feet, look in the rearview I’m counting seven sets of lights on me, yep it’s apparent you’re going in tonight homey

One comes to the window with a shakey pistol damn near shoot my ass, I know the drill left hand throw keys out the window fast, sir I have a gun under the seat I didn’t want to pull it in plain view, but hold up wait a minute.. I know you..?? I’m out on bond now braah you made it two

CONGRATULATIONS super cop now you got me on two, nah no need to take a test I’ll wait on my lawyer I think that would be best, and can you please put your pistol at rest I’m nervous that you’re nervous and pointing at my chest


Let it lone time to turn the page go to the hobby store and buy you some sage, let the pain dissipate, in the fuk shit you don’t have to participate, take that energy and transform it into a tangible entity, the universe will place everything at your feet you don’t have to search for chemistry, it’s easy to lose yourself replaying prior events when you do that you welcome memories of nonsense, I’m not just speaking from an outside view, believe it or not I’ve played the fool a time or two, I’m just trying to give you the cheat code for everything I’ve been through, remember I’ve survived a terrorist and her insurgent crew


How can you fix me if I don’t even know what’s wrong with me myself and I’m not going to the doctor I can handle my own mental health

Every time I break pattern you think it’s because I have something to hide when in actuality I had a lot on my mind and I just needed to ride free my mind focus inside

Apparently you’re never going to forget or forgive about the past, therefore I exercise my right to terminate my contract  and leave this cast, now you can sleep and play those games on your phone the same way you made me want to be which is  alone, arrivederci, adios, I’m leaving this dictatorship situation, you doing all that snooping and didn’t see your friends been waiting on my emancipation


Nothing corrupts like power, that’s why most times before I go home I have to take a shower, I only do what I do because I can and it has nothing to do with the fact I’m a man, she has a significant other and she pays every bill; again that’s power to allow her to come and go at will, we both know it’s wrong and from time to time we joke about it, that’s when things get serious and we smoke up out it, in my defense you proposed to me, I didn’t want to embarrass you I only promise to try to be what you wanted me to be; and now you got me breaking guy code trying to get you to see, it’s not you or me it’s ease and access intervening in our destiny, when I fall off the horse I hop right back on it, but remember for this marriage you were the only proponent


I have an affinity for red women that harbor aggression, I find them to be teachers of life’s lessons, forks in the road at certain intersections, a road map of no certain direction a constant source of mental erections, forget the heart on your sleeve you need a blood pressure monitor I think your blood is boiling because you’re red as a thermometer, expressions don’t get held well, in my mind I can literally hear you telling me to go to hell, I can read your face that’s why I know the right response, give me a second and I’ll say something that came out the Renaissance, the path of least resistance, the road I travel with persistence, I’m trying to save you so you can save us, come tell me your desires and hush that fuss, I have an affinity for red women that harbor aggression, you don’t have to ask consider this my confession


She was born in a small town that she couldn’t wait to get from around

Every man she ever met left her with regrets and she left them with memories they could never forget

Well educated and her family expected the best but she had to find something else to quench the fire in her chest

I love you was the spell that unlocked her inner fears the only time she felt human is when she shed tears

Pain equalled love in her warped universe she never truly believed that a man could put her first

It hurts so good everytime she was proven right she never stayed untill the morning she left with the night

A dream started a sequence of events in that dream she saw a man that made her want to repent

To her surprise he really existed she had to get him she persisted

Victory would be hers no matter what the cost she didn’t realize by chasing him she would be lost

Something she could love that came from her was the ultimate goal neither of them had any idea of the things that were to unfold

A conversation over dinner with the guise of it being a friend he told her if it was him it would definitely end

From that moment she felt he would never accept who she truly was and he had to be destroyed just because

Unbenounced to him he was sleeping with the enemy but now she had something to love he thought would be a remedy

Selfish with her love she snatched it back fast every kind word she ever said was left in the past

The three they were turned into two the only words spoken were fuk you

Virginia Venom left his heart compromised if you ever met her this would come as no surprise


The universe moves to a rhythm the Earth to a beat

That’s why I look so cool when I move my feet

That’s why all super magnificent comes out my mouth when I speak

I can feel the energy when I come in the room

If that energy is bad I leave before my glow gets consumed

The best part is I know that the same exist in you

The only thing I don’t know is why you can’t see it too