She was born in a small town that she couldn’t wait to get from around

Every man she ever met left her with regrets and she left them with memories they could never forget

Well educated and her family expected the best but she had to find something else to quench the fire in her chest

I love you was the spell that unlocked her inner fears the only time she felt human is when she shed tears

Pain equalled love in her warped universe she never truly believed that a man could put her first

It hurts so good everytime she was proven right she never stayed untill the morning she left with the night

A dream started a sequence of events in that dream she saw a man that made her want to repent

To her surprise he really existed she had to get him she persisted

Victory would be hers no matter what the cost she didn’t realize by chasing him she would be lost

Something she could love that came from her was the ultimate goal neither of them had any idea of the things that were to unfold

A conversation over dinner with the guise of it being a friend he told her if it was him it would definitely end

From that moment she felt he would never accept who she truly was and he had to be destroyed just because

Unbenounced to him he was sleeping with the enemy but now she had something to love he thought would be a remedy

Selfish with her love she snatched it back fast every kind word she ever said was left in the past

The three they were turned into two the only words spoken were fuk you

Virginia Venom left his heart compromised if you ever met her this would come as no surprise

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