I pick up this pen and turn into a serial killer again, who’s gonna catch it the hate or something from within, life really deserves it for these conundrums I face, but you good cuz at least I don’t have any open case, I could go after the Ex’s that used to sex me and let go of some of these frustrations that still vex me, but I’m a changed man now so I let bygones be bygones, I try my best to meditate and press on and bless on, or I could go at the judicial, but I made that mistake one time before and they definitely hold it against you.. and just for the record I don’t want any issue, so I guess it’s Nova Dex versus one of his demons, that means I’m about to write something that you won’t believe that I was seeing, but trust me it’s just a day in the life of an  extraordinary human being


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