Let’s meditate & get high tell these physical bodies goodbye explorer the universe time and space become closer than we have ever come face-to-face

Feel my emotions and my energy force we’ve never been this deep its par for the course let’s understand each other’s fears and spiritual minds trust and believe there’s climaxes of all kinds

Let go and release meet me in the 5th dimension that’s when our bodies don’t matter because our spirits are in suspension I see your goals and aspirations too I truly get it now my twin flame and I are now one not two
JINXY we riding the same wave 96Hz with her knowledge she flirts 528 day by day we keep our Bluetooth connected that way

Once them spirits touch it’s a whole different ball game and that’s when your ex go from ol boy to what’s his name


#poemsfromthetrapvolume 1


A master manipulator with these words, I can say the most disrespectful thing and make you forget it was absurd, parlez-vous francais because I don’t want to lose you, it’s that Je ne sais quoi that allows me to soothe you, what the business is ? I say it the best, then you feel my Bluetooth connecting to a organ in your chest, I told you I was different but you wouldn’t listen, you made me put these words together that have you here glistening, I write the past and it changes my future, all I have to do is pick up a pen to shoot you, surgical with these words a bit passive aggressive, it’ll probably be tomorrow before you realize I just blessed you, I write epiphany moments that you’ll get later, send me your best and I’ll show you I’m greater 



Sitting on the porch smoking a cohiba, bout to write something to make everybody a believer, I might do a audiobook so she can get hypnotized by my voice, if I do a audiobook the monotone probably make her hoist, out of bed read between the lines last minute I changed what I just said, you know exactly where I was going with it, but it’s Thanksgiving so I decided not to be too explicit, nine times out of 10 I’m gonna hit mark, then it ricochets back and the real fun starts, I said all that just to say this, when you cum for me baybeee you will not miss



Devil in her mouth, heaven between her thighs, that’s where the red flags go to die
Living on the edge my allegiance I pledge, she get a kick outta making me beg, you gonna want to be high for this she insists, this is a opportunity you don’t want to miss
I think I’m in control but shes pulling my strings, feed my ego my every word she clings, stroke my soul like no other, lights on no cover, my insecurities she embraces, then hits me with those love faces
She gets up and tries to leave, knowing damn well I’m going to pull her by the sleeve and say something to make her believe a future exist with me
She’s reckless and I love her honesty but I’m just as flawed honestly, we’re too much alike for this to be prosperous, we never work our love is phosphorus, Russian roulette with a semi automatic, funny thing is I’m built for it; I want all the static