Fingers crossed

Yeah I know your not like the other women, but keep in mind that’s the same thing they said before we went swimming, it’s cute that you’re warning me but I’m warning you, it’s this thing that I do where I actually take my time and I study you, your body tells me everything I need to know in complete silence, plus that’s the easy part; my special move is timeless, but first I had to massage your prefrontal cortex, I bet you didn’t even know you could cum without sex, foreplay started the first time I saw you do that thing you did and in that inbox I slid, I like you I’m usually not a pillow talker, I can see I excite you I hope you’re not usually a stalker


Mi amor

She’s damaged but she’s a keeper, all she needs is for a man to love her deeper, she’s not going to respond to a timid man, she wants to be pushed to the limit by a gentleman, she has to be able to believe you when she looks in your eyes and see you have the answer for all her what when’s and why’s, she doesn’t need a daddy she already has one of those, she’s looking for an outlier that’ll stand ten toes, she has trust issues or should I say scars, she’s going to need you to be strong enough to rip through those bars, no matter what you do just don’t start to lie, because then in the future you will be I


Talking crazy

Trying to write my magnum opus, romantic I’m hopeless, Suboxone can’t dope this, pray everyday still can’t pope this, super magnificent verbiage can’t rope sis, the past superseded the future in a way that needed sutures, if this world was mine refer to Luther, it’s the aftermath of when Cupid shoots ya

Who in the hell left the gate ajar, I’m a rockstar minus the guitar, I’m use to one PSSSS and they come to where I are, bending the rules like you just saw, but everything change when somebody call you pa, It’s sort of like your favorite movie when you see em make a mistake, and take the bait, which is usually pussy that leads to a grizzly fate, ride or die already chose more than she could take, and you’re yelling at the screen like NIGGA why you just ain’t wait



Today I decided to be happy, I could care less if you talk shit and @ me, I can vibrate higher at will with one thought still, mind control, breathing & dedication, I’m a black man who chose emancipation, put down the pistols and strapped up with the crystals, they can search for the god particle as much as they like, when I look in the mirror it’s within my sight, it’s all connected from the dirt to the stars, when I smoke the earth my eyes turn into Mars, when I meditate my mind transcends time and space, when I check back in I know the outcome of the race



Pen back activated, mind is acclimated so I’mma give you what you anticipated…. how it feels to be America’s most hated ✍🏾

Main goal leaving the house, is to make it back home so you plan your route, you gotta know who beefing and what it’s about, avoid law enforcement you have no reasonable doubt 👍🏾

You go to court and take the deal because you go home today, not knowing ten years later is when the deal starts to play, no contest plea I thought worked a different way, and You had the evidence to prove your case by the way, but you’re the most hated so nobody wants to hear what you have to say 🤷🏾‍♂️

Activism or recidivism are pretty much your only options, when that no contest shows up in the background you’re like a kid up for adoption, you can be emasculated or grab the Pyrex and whip up a concoction and temporarily be emancipated with options 🤷🏾‍♂️

Really there is a third a lot of us don’t see, sometimes including me: coincidentally it’s three letters L.L.C, another cowinky dink you can do it for around three: honor thy mother and respect & protect these women B, because you may just get check mated by a capital letter G, but this one ends here because my pen leaning toward strategy, and the numbers don’t add up to do it out loud mathematically🤐sincerely yours America’s most hated ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾 #LEXICONKILLER


Living on the edge with the hammer and the sledge, if you from where I’m from you understand what I just said, I know more homicide victims than people who died naturally, can you imagine my heart’s atrophy? Bodies drop in broad daylight on sight welcome to the 804 life, this not the 90’s a revolver is a knife at a yopper fight, pull that bih and get a medical Uber flight, a revolver only good when you got the drop, walk up slow pop pop pop, we know cause and effect far too well, but it’s kind of hard to let it go when it’s your people who fell and the government is casting the spell, who knew when they were taking over for the 99 and 2000 we probably should have been home teaching the kids about things like credit equity and the basics of housing

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Didn’t know how to love, taught her how to hate, that’s what bought to this point no need to debate, question what’s worse karma or fate?

Sometimes revenge seems like the only way to heal a wound, but then you run the risk of hatred being consumed, at some point you still lose, because the happiness becomes ruse

You’re still giving away power that belongs to you, I’m not a psychologist just offering an outside looking in view, I was taught to kill them with kindness and look at them with blindness, a grain of salt is what my opinion is worth, but we should be able to agree you’re the most important entity on Earth


Thanking out loud

This is for the other side of the glass in the visitation room, the transparency between heaven and doom, the blink of an eye decision can have you hidden with precision, you’re sadly mistaken if you think it’s a fair race or system for that matter, say no more black lives murdered until it makes your soul shatter, it’s not healthy or normal to see people murdered on a daily, how can I believe in the American dream when I continue to see it fail me, I pray for my people and my ennimies too because only God knows what I don’t want to do



Cups full of Patron I need to sober up and go home, I been in this bar far too long every drink getting way too strong, I got this one number in my phone that I really wanna call up.. but lately I REALLY been fukin up, word is she happy with this new guy so I probably shouldn’t even try

but I been drinking so much that I’mma hit her up like… fuk that dude he can’t compete with the past I know you miss the times we had, I SAID fuk that dude he’s definitely not me and since you picked up I feel like my chances 50/50

I’m just saying I thought you ain’t  like pretty dudes tell me I’m lying and I’ll skip straight to the interlude, I’m just saying I didn’t think that was your type and I’mma roast him only if you make me aight

Nah cups of that goose, got me on the loose, saw your whole crew ask about you they said you had something else to do, what you doing that’s so important lemme find out pretty boy got you out courtin

I’m so ripped that I’mma call you anyway and say.. fuk that dude he can’t compete with the past I know you miss the times we had, I SAID fuk that dude he’s definitely not me and since you picked up I feel like my chances 50/50

I’m just saying I thought you ain’t  like pretty dudes tell me I’m lying and I’ll skip straight to the interlude, I’m just saying I didn’t think that was your type and I’mma roast him only if you make me aight

I think I’m addicted to that new, to hear the sound and what the face look like too, I know I sound like a dirt bag, but I’m still trying to save what we had, you still mad? we threw a party yeah a kickback, she came over and yeah I hit that, I’m being honest… talk to me I need you in my life, I need you here to make everything right, I had some women that were living off me seeing as how you know about one I won’t mention the other three

Look too many drinks have been given to me after a while babe they all sound the same, I’m sorry I made you a player in this game, I’ve had sex five times this week if you want I’ll explain, having a hard time navigating my Lane, they wanna go like rabbits it’s insane

It’s Friday night I called talking crazy I’m lucky you answered you can be lazy, I’ll do all the work I’m trying to get under that skirt, oh I’m sorry I’m tryna see if you down, let me bring back the circus since you already messing with a clown, look I’m sorry for the neglect, and disrespect, no go? guess I’mma chill and just reflect


7/26/10 IMU

I miss you so much I can taste you in my mouth, I really miss those curvy roads going down south, I miss how you looked me in my eyes, I miss how you made my heart rate rise, I miss exploring every once of your body, I miss you so much I can’t touch just anybody, I miss how you made me fall in love, I miss you like tears from a dove, I even miss the pillow talks, I miss the rhythm in the sway when you walk, I miss how you held me at the point of impact, come to think about it I miss everything about you as a matter of fact