Talking crazy

Trying to write my magnum opus, romantic I’m hopeless, Suboxone can’t dope this, pray everyday still can’t pope this, super magnificent verbiage can’t rope sis, the past superseded the future in a way that needed sutures, if this world was mine refer to Luther, it’s the aftermath of when Cupid shoots ya

Who in the hell left the gate ajar, I’m a rockstar minus the guitar, I’m use to one PSSSS and they come to where I are, bending the rules like you just saw, but everything change when somebody call you pa, It’s sort of like your favorite movie when you see em make a mistake, and take the bait, which is usually pussy that leads to a grizzly fate, ride or die already chose more than she could take, and you’re yelling at the screen like NIGGA why you just ain’t wait


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