I love her because she doesn’t except anything but the best from me if she feels like I’m not trying she won’t be complacent with less from me and she doesn’t need me monetarily

From the outside it looks like she’s always riding my back but most times I’m procrastinating and she loves me enough not to go for that

Only the two of us know everything that really transpires, both of us hurt each other pull out cans and fan the fires, sometimes I have too much fun and need a P.O. sometimes I need someone to tell me places not to go, she has a good heart and a nerd like Steve Urkel, luckily she has me to pluck squares out of her circle

Pillow talk and the dreams we share in common fuel the fire our twin flames burn in our soul, we’re on some other other shit which makes us love bold, we say things we don’t mean just to be the one upper, things that make me order out and not eat her supper, everybody loves both of us so they try and intervene, but we’re trying something new conflict resolution over Wintergreen, it’s been working please continue to pray for us, we got this just please stay out the way of us


She was born in a small town that she couldn’t wait to get from around

Every man she ever met left her with regrets and she left them with memories they could never forget

Well educated and her family expected the best but she had to find something else to quench the fire in her chest

I love you was the spell that unlocked her inner fears the only time she felt human is when she shed tears

Pain equalled love in her warped universe she never truly believed that a man could put her first

It hurts so good everytime she was proven right she never stayed untill the morning she left with the night

A dream started a sequence of events in that dream she saw a man that made her want to repent

To her surprise he really existed she had to get him she persisted

Victory would be hers no matter what the cost she didn’t realize by chasing him she would be lost

Something she could love that came from her was the ultimate goal neither of them had any idea of the things that were to unfold

A conversation over dinner with the guise of it being a friend he told her if it was him it would definitely end

From that moment she felt he would never accept who she truly was and he had to be destroyed just because

Unbenounced to him he was sleeping with the enemy but now she had something to love he thought would be a remedy

Selfish with her love she snatched it back fast every kind word she ever said was left in the past

The three they were turned into two the only words spoken were fuk you

Virginia Venom left his heart compromised if you ever met her this would come as no surprise


You want me to fix you but I’ll never be enough, I tell you I love you and try to call your bluff, you’re not chasing me you’re chasing a feeling, I live on the edge of tomorrow is the thing that you find appealing but you’re not aware of all the demons that I’m concealing and all the things that’s going to take time for revealing, you’ve never seen when the guns come out or know about kick door when the funds run out, all you have ever seen is what I let you see, I’ve never introduced you to the everything went left me, only reason why I’m keeping it this real is because I know I can’t make decisions based on how I feel, if it was up to me another place another time I know I would definitely do whatever it took to make you mine, but that ain’t this and that ain’t it, I do love you, but I ain’t shit


“It’s easy to always take a woman’s side if you’ve never bared witness to what happens when estrogen and adrenaline collide”~ya boy 💥💥💥💥


Hear ye hear ye raise your glass for I’m comfortable with the monster I had to be for he inspired you to become everything you were meant to be from that extra motivation to the pep in your step you hate the fact you cant tarnish his rep

It’s the fire in those eyes that light every word I surmise it’s the fury that moves these hands its the way your voice demands do you understand yet ? you won the bet

You tamed Frankenstein but you’re looking for another monster you’ll never find another of this kind you’re only frustrating yourself and waisting your time all the drastic changes from the hair to wardrobe rearranges that’s ya boy the revamps face beat trying to come at the champ on repeat

So alright I’mma be honest I’m mad at myself because I miss your ass you give the worse heads up you said the time before that was the last YEP I’m putting that on the record communication is key especially when dealing with a wrecker
you and these words are what drive my passion now she ask one word how?
well I think the circumstances been good and bad if you would have stayed around I ran the risk of not knowing what I had plus I didn’t cheat as much as you probably think I did I really doubt it name five females I slid out wit see now you pouting

master manipulator she mumble under her voice I wish she looked at things different but I don’t think I give her much choice I really think it’s the scene we met on that brings most of the problems home everybody knows everybody and nobody’s ever alone
what they saw that could have been my sister cousin or a random person at the bar but you believe a person looking from afar when I know it’s gps on the car
I can tell you been crying lately drinking more than you used to getting that body right for the summer I see you I know you gonna hate this one when you read it because you know it’s true true …

May the Angels hover over your soul may these words be motivation when you’re cold I still pray for a better tomorrow and I’ve seen the heart you have to borrow

JULY 25, 2010

One of the happiest days of my life up to that point because tomorrow I’m going home leaving River City you know the joint
My baby wanna come and pick me up but I got stops to make got my boy to pick me up who later ended up being a fake but that’s a whole different story that I’m not ready to go into
Told baby I’ll see you a little bit later I have some people to go check out but don’t worry your backs gonna still get blown out
Went to see mommy first both of us into tears we burst I think that was the longest hug ever like John McCain’s mom when she thought the next time she would see him was never
Next on to my Oma and Opa sweetest couple in the world got advice from my old earth now on the way to see my girl
Well pit stop first I gotta activate this phone make a few calls let everyone know I’m home
So now it’s 9:30 and we’re finally together it’s calm outside but in here it’s a torrential downpour type weather from the black silk sheets to the bathroom floor we were dehydrated got some Gatorade and went some more
The life changing moment was when the light came through the balcony doors I wanted to wake you up just to talk to you some more your spit game was better than mine we started planning a baby and with me it was fine
After that you took me to the Ugly Biscuit, ok if I had a time machine this is the day I would relive and after knowing the outcome I would have more passion to give not just in the bedroom but about our life that we live looking back you should have been with me on every stop if only I could rewind the clock than this madness would stop


It’s been a long week I really don’t feel the need to have to speak but you know what I’m going through and I know your situation too I just wanna get lost in your soul like we use to do a deep tissue massage maybe smoke one or two then we would do what grown folks do If it was so bad why do thoughts of you bring me so much peace & if it’s so wrong than why can’t I let you go & be free I can’t because I belong to you & you were made for me I told you I was coming back I just needed to find the man in me so I could be the man you needed I just thought you knew everything else you superseded so when I heard you were getting married I couldn’t believe it Yet here we are with a million memories & miles apart & on top of that I have to deal with someone else stealing your heart I knew you first & nurtured your dreams now its turned into a nightmare as it seems I want more than just your body I want you to be my sensei & I’ll be your karate I know the big days coming up & you look beautiful in that dress but sometimes people have buyers remorse when they say yes