Any animosity or problems I may have had, I leave them in yesterday where they can do no bad

If I dwell and let them fester, I promise you I’ll be more the joker than a jester

My mind moves very fast, to the point I’ve seen your future in my past, you can’t jump over the fire you have to walk through and to be honest I don’t think it’s in you

Stay on the sidewalk and keep your pass, but just know I do reserve the right to pull out this pen and ether your ass



Beware of any man that calls himself a king, especially if there is no evidence to be seen, how did you earn your crown and on what battleground, was it hereditary succession or is it time for a confession, do you really deserve the title or is it unprovable like scriptures from the Bible, does the monarchy really exist and for the record a King understands all of this, a great leader lays it all on the line to protect his people, but the line I see behind you is full of sheeple, beware of any man that calls himself king, especially if there is no evidence to be seen


When I got bigger than the bullies I became leader of the pack, you whip one kid ass and they see you not going for that, I had kids that used to beat me up breaking in hostess trucks for snacks, power rush..  I think I’m addicted to that

I was beard gang at 15 years old, I used to walk into U-totem to get my beer because it was cold, I used to get my Newports from 7-Eleven though and my XXX magazines, at this point I was trying to show grown ladies moves they never seen

Don’t blame the clerk’s or the women, whoever remember I kept gold coins to go swimming, but what had more effect were those every other weekend visits dwindling, plus relations at 12 gave me the confidence of any man to pick my vices off the shelf, balcony at school I’m such a good planner, that’s the day I became the Hulk and erased Bruce Banner.. virginity story if you’re a slow understander

A lot of the stuff I write you have to read slow and listen fast, more than likely if you don’t understand I’m using an analogy about sex crime or cash, 6 out of 10 times if it’s heartfelt than you know the situation and know I’m not chasing any clout just anticipation, the other four times I’m probably in the 5th dimension wondering about a black owned plantation



My mind drifts and wonders like Stevie when he’s trying to ponder what lies on the other side of darkness out yonder

Conversations on a constant loop perfect form ready for a shot to shoot is it a new script or a reboot it’s a reality show not the goof troop

If I said it then I mean it but I have a tendency to change my mind so if I said it I meant it at that particular time but the future has a tendency of making my thoughts rewind

Coulda shoulda woulda is the wave that I ride it’s a damn shame I took myself through hell for a man to arrive karma is funny because you had to leave for me to be alive I never would have changed if you stayed passive by my side you killed the relationship but I survived through the smoke you can see the Phoenix rise


This rainy weather has me wondering what to do, I swear I’m out here talking like it’s just me and you

My muse is my monster that I created from nights I should have just masturbated

Nights I could have just come home lonely, but it was damn near impossible with all these females on me

I gave in to temptation like a sodomite, two eights make a sixteen and they down to dyke

Instances like that tipped the scale, or when I would be verbally abusive coming home ripped as hell

You can go ahead and leave this is not an abduction, have you ever seen someone’s eyes turn to hate from seduction ?

Those tears turned into laughter and the more she pulled away the more I ran after but I was never fast enough to recapture

The closest I’ve come is love letters and apologies, oh and Poems from The Trap Vol. 1 the anthology


So I hop in the car throw the food in the seat, put my seatbelt on and Gucci Mane on repeat, I pulled out the parking lot took a right, saw a car come from out of  nowhere in my peripheral sight

I got to the stop sign make sure I make a complete stop just in case it is a sheriff or a city cop, ease off, so far things going my way; that’s all until I hit the signal to freedom to get on the highway

BOOM!! there it is they light me up, I pull over slow to drink this goose I had in a cup, FUK!! I got a salary on me, my smoke pack, and a 40 caliber eagle under the seat with black talons in it by my feet, look in the rearview I’m counting seven sets of lights on me, yep it’s apparent you’re going in tonight homey

One comes to the window with a shakey pistol damn near shoot my ass, I know the drill left hand throw keys out the window fast, sir I have a gun under the seat I didn’t want to pull it in plain view, but hold up wait a minute.. I know you..?? I’m out on bond now braah you made it two

CONGRATULATIONS super cop now you got me on two, nah no need to take a test I’ll wait on my lawyer I think that would be best, and can you please put your pistol at rest I’m nervous that you’re nervous and pointing at my chest


Let it lone time to turn the page go to the hobby store and buy you some sage, let the pain dissipate, in the fuk shit you don’t have to participate, take that energy and transform it into a tangible entity, the universe will place everything at your feet you don’t have to search for chemistry, it’s easy to lose yourself replaying prior events when you do that you welcome memories of nonsense, I’m not just speaking from an outside view, believe it or not I’ve played the fool a time or two, I’m just trying to give you the cheat code for everything I’ve been through, remember I’ve survived a terrorist and her insurgent crew


Im at war with God trying to rewrite his words he says one thing I do what I prefer, fork in the road I go straight; at least that way it’s a 50/50 fate, I have more victories than I have losses, I can politic with the masses and converse with bosses; but that’s the part I’m trying to rewrite I’m trying to get them all to see they’re bosses in their own rite, I hope my words reach someone and inspires them to be better than I have, if I made it through they can definitely withstand the wrath, keep your head up redemption is closer than you think, keep your head up no matter what you can’t sink, keep your head up never hit the ground, keep your head up you can’t tip the crown, keep your head up the babies looking up, keep your head up, it’s a half full cup


The past is the past let that shit die, it is what it is stop asking why, for every great day it has to be an antithesis, for you not to believe in that is just ridiculous, things don’t always work out some plans are made to fail, if everybody got into heaven it wouldn’t be a need for a hell, people die everyday from stray rounds, and some people cry out for help and we turn away pretending not to hear the sound, the world we live in is a messed up place, case in point the good people usually finish last in the race, we can smile and continue to pretend, or we can free our minds become something else and transcend