Let it lone time to turn the page go to the hobby store and buy you some sage, let the pain dissipate, in the fuk shit you don’t have to participate, take that energy and transform it into a tangible entity, the universe will place everything at your feet you don’t have to search for chemistry, it’s easy to lose yourself replaying prior events when you do that you welcome memories of nonsense, I’m not just speaking from an outside view, believe it or not I’ve played the fool a time or two, I’m just trying to give you the cheat code for everything I’ve been through, remember I’ve survived a terrorist and her insurgent crew


Crime pays just not on the bottom floor you have to go past the Plug the CEO makes way more, privatized jails dispensaries and Payday loans on every block; while your check gets garnished before you can even grocery shop, I can’t do certain things to feed my family, but you do those exact things? to me that’s the definition of insanity, everyday black men are being radicalized you’re turning us into super predators as we were once categorized, you made black women not need us and become independent, whole time I can’t get a job!! I owe child support so my license is suspended, her earning potential is way higher than mine unless I pull out the plow and hit the streets, but as we all know instant gratification is usually bitter sweet, stuck between a rock and a hard place a whammy and a ace,  then I see myself in the mirror face to face

You’re so strong that they systemically try to destroy you, just vibe at the right frequency and the universe will employ you, vibe so high that the universe spoils you, and once you conquer this life to the next it will deploy you


Went to see my boy I haven’t seen in awhile, incarcerated scar face now a man child, facing trial from one mistake made as a juvenile

What’s that conversation like? Sad and cerebral a different part of life, it’s definitely a different world books still your best friend, but you have to turn your spidey sense up to a 10, after you come off your 24-hour lock just play it cool and see where you fit in at in the box

Find peace in yourself before you get off the bluebird, it’s going to be a lot of he said she said but don’t run with the heard, this is where you better yourself try and read every book on the shelf no matter the topic; read books until your eyes roll in the back of your head and say stop it

Everything that is understood doesn’t have to be said and another thing don’t let anyone sit on your bed, we deal with where we are and not where we wish we could be, tighten up that face you’re going to be all right because you’ve got me


This was written to go in my second book, but I think the streets need it now. We have to look in the mirror and accept the fact that we played a part.

I pop pills, smoke blunts and drink heavy too, if I do that to me imagine what I’ll do to you, animosity is my comfort zone if it’s between me and you; I’m making it home, roaming the streets looking for the next lick, why should I care? nobody ever gave a shit, pops gone momma can’t afford me, I’m about to catch dude in the Honda Accord B, heard he got stacks all blue faces, cock the pistol tie my shoes laces, I’m a Savage give a fuk about you seeing faces, I’mma let this cannon pop 9 out of ten cases, wait till I get about 3 paces pop, pop, pop, blood in the air I can taste it, I gotta do what I gotta do just face it, if you were I would you trade places? probably not they say I belong in cages, they might be right but I wasn’t born with any Aces ; I got a dick on my Glock so not tonight, I don’t have time to ponder if it’s right, all I know is momma need money for lights

VOL. 2

They want me to talk about bodies they want me to talk about drugs, how is this poems from the trap but all you talk about is love?, I had to reel em in first and get their attention, in Vol. 2 I’m going to write about everything you just mentioned and how to Dominique Dawes your money to ascension, stay away from detention, step lite around contention, avoid your name being mentioned through the grapevine, tell you how to react when it’s ape time, been there done it, no 50/50 if you in it gotta be a hundred, but make sure you really wanna run it, take the good with the bad, and subsequently your kids might end up without a dad


They said it was supposed to hurt at the end I look around and see no family nor friend, I can’t believe the wolves got me heaven or hell I’ll be waiting for whoever shot me, I remember a flash of fire a voice saying it’s time to retire, I was fighting you know I shot back but they flanked me and hit me in my back, they would be organized when they came at me, I wasn’t ready they beat the cameras I couldn’t see, I still was thinking that I could defend my home until that second one hit me in the collar bone, I dropped the hand of God that’s when I knew it was over, only thing that could save me now is a swat team or a four leaf clover, I might don’t make it running threw my head then everything my mother ever said, I really think I should have listened, now Im covered in blood about to be missing, my babies whole life ran through my head I should have been a soccer dad instead, it’s still better than jail or a jury trial, with my last everything I picked up the phone to dial, you gotta be kidding me, no signal; got damn Sprint, with my last breath I started to repent

JULY 25, 2010

One of the happiest days of my life up to that point because tomorrow I’m going home leaving River City you know the joint
My baby wanna come and pick me up but I got stops to make got my boy to pick me up who later ended up being a fake but that’s a whole different story that I’m not ready to go into
Told baby I’ll see you a little bit later I have some people to go check out but don’t worry your backs gonna still get blown out
Went to see mommy first both of us into tears we burst I think that was the longest hug ever like John McCain’s mom when she thought the next time she would see him was never
Next on to my Oma and Opa sweetest couple in the world got advice from my old earth now on the way to see my girl
Well pit stop first I gotta activate this phone make a few calls let everyone know I’m home
So now it’s 9:30 and we’re finally together it’s calm outside but in here it’s a torrential downpour type weather from the black silk sheets to the bathroom floor we were dehydrated got some Gatorade and went some more
The life changing moment was when the light came through the balcony doors I wanted to wake you up just to talk to you some more your spit game was better than mine we started planning a baby and with me it was fine
After that you took me to the Ugly Biscuit, ok if I had a time machine this is the day I would relive and after knowing the outcome I would have more passion to give not just in the bedroom but about our life that we live looking back you should have been with me on every stop if only I could rewind the clock than this madness would stop