You don’t know who I’m is? I’m the D boy that has control over your kids, I can make them do more than chores, I came in and stole what’s yours, good for me you have to work so much, they worship me I can’t be touched, take two of these and go prove my point, this is the big leagues put down that joint, you don’t need school look at me I’m a dropout, and I’m the one driving the cars that you dream bout, I can’t go because they’ll give me real time, juvenile life not that long for this crime, you know your lawyer money is on Deck, you pull this one off and you earn my respect, jail is easy life is hard and when you get out meet me on the boulevard



Who’s gonna run the family when the matriarch dies who’s gonna make sure that our flag still flies high who’s gonna make the hard decisions who can replace over eighty years of living
Listen to those stories they’re full of who you are listen to the stories they’re straight from the heart you can learn a lot about your future from their past sit down take notes like it’s class if you listen I promise you’ll learn something from the time before we had peace to the definition of elbow grease