You don’t know who I’m is? I’m the D boy that has control over your kids, I can make them do more than chores, I came in and stole what’s yours, good for me you have to work so much, they worship me I can’t be touched, take two of these and go prove my point, this is the big leagues put down that joint, you don’t need school look at me I’m a dropout, and I’m the one driving the cars that you dream bout, I can’t go because they’ll give me real time, juvenile life not that long for this crime, you know your lawyer money is on Deck, you pull this one off and you earn my respect, jail is easy life is hard and when you get out meet me on the boulevard



It’s been a lot of Thanksgiving since You’ve been gone, but this one hurts especially bad because it’s been too long, too long for reconciliation, too long for a phone call anticipation, the worse part about it is I actually changed, you’d be surprised, black love dominates every part of my body, down to my big vein, if you gave me 8 minutes and 28 seconds I could explain, you wouldn’t even have to hear my voice, until it was up to you, your choice, it’s much easier to communicate without text messages or in boxes, those things usually come back up and make for interesting paradoxes, I heard you saw my mans and them and not one question, I had to ask if it look like you were stressed and I heard so guess you still you you want me to tell the truth or you want me to spare your insides  ? because really she look better than that girl that I saw you with outside, so yeah I guess you still you, but enough about me and the things I put you through, how’s my little superhero ? Still dominating on the court ? Still making goals? We made an all sport, well this was kind of long for a letter with no address, anyway Happy Thanksgiving God bless


So I’m in the backseat handcuffs on my wrist, I can still feel em everytime I think about this

At this point I’m getting compliments about my choice of firearm and how it could defeat the armor they had on, I’m like yeah unfortunately that’s gonna be about the eighth one gone, everytime this happen y’all take  one bruh, so I’m guessing my baby eagle gone huh

I just got out from my second one, three months later I catch my third, I’m still on probation for the second one; yeah this is absurd, on to booking we go, if they give me a bond it’ll be high because of my other case, lucky for me I got enough in my pocket to get me, fuk face

Hear the clink in the morning then the bright lights, I’m about to go in front of the monitor and roll the dice, come on hard six not trying to take a cold shower for lice, got a lecture then he put twenty on my head, that’s cool I got over two in property like I previously said

First phonecall I know this number by heart, it’s a dub I got the ten in property go ahead and make the paperwork start, oh and call to see if you can catch my car, they were being difficult said they were taking it out far

Finally twelve hours later I’m back in control, returning missed calls telling a copy of a story I already told, Khalid before Khalid another one, same folks same jurisdiction; this should be fun


Crime pays just not on the bottom floor you have to go past the Plug the CEO makes way more, privatized jails dispensaries and Payday loans on every block; while your check gets garnished before you can even grocery shop, I can’t do certain things to feed my family, but you do those exact things? to me that’s the definition of insanity, everyday black men are being radicalized you’re turning us into super predators as we were once categorized, you made black women not need us and become independent, whole time I can’t get a job!! I owe child support so my license is suspended, her earning potential is way higher than mine unless I pull out the plow and hit the streets, but as we all know instant gratification is usually bitter sweet, stuck between a rock and a hard place a whammy and a ace,  then I see myself in the mirror face to face

You’re so strong that they systemically try to destroy you, just vibe at the right frequency and the universe will employ you, vibe so high that the universe spoils you, and once you conquer this life to the next it will deploy you


Is it better for the child to see their parents respect one another and not grow up feeling like maybe they were the one that made it out of a broken rubber, when I say that I don’t necessarily mean married or in a relationship either, y’all could easily make co-parenting the shit and make other parents believers, if she ask you to do something and you can why not ? don’t tell her no then be online showing off everything you got, leave her new flame hassle free too, so hopefully she’ll do the same thing for you, of course his new girl gonna be intimidated by you for awhile, she wouldn’t be there if y’all didn’t break up plus y’all have a child, he has to hear it from her about you, he doesn’t need you to tell him about his little girlfriend too, he knows she’s not you that may be the point, or maybe he’s waited for you to come off the bench with the oil and anoint


You don’t want me to be there but then you blame me when I’m not when in actuality I would give you everything that I got 
I did a lot of things I’ve had to repent for but who wants to be duke when you could be Serpentor dear father protect me from myself whole time the bible sitting dusty on the shelf 
Stop drinking stop smoking but I’m hooked on love no rehab from the most powerful drug I wrote this shit at four o’clock in the morning insomnia strikes slow without a warning random thoughts that I can’t get off my mind about my son and the answers that I can’t find why was my epiphany so late and how long can I last at this rate but no matter what happens I’m to blame for my fate