I know I love her but I’m starting to doubt myself, see she has four kids; the biggest reason why I put the proposal on the shelf

I know I’m ready to be the man she needs me to be, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a whole family, that’s a huge responsibility to take on when I only have one, hell I can’t propose now I’m in a custody battle thats not even done

Plus you don’t understand my child’s mama, if she found out I was taking on four kids she would blow like Osama, another reason why I doubt myself is she gets included in everything, even a conversation with myself about buying you a ring

I’m not sure if I could stand the temptation of not trying to right wrongs from my past, and your kids deserve more than to be in a rotating cast, I do love her enough to know she deserves to be happy forever, but I’m not sure if I wont go when I get that call to put the fam back together


Crime pays just not on the bottom floor you have to go past the Plug the CEO makes way more, privatized jails dispensaries and Payday loans on every block; while your check gets garnished before you can even grocery shop, I can’t do certain things to feed my family, but you do those exact things? to me that’s the definition of insanity, everyday black men are being radicalized you’re turning us into super predators as we were once categorized, you made black women not need us and become independent, whole time I can’t get a job!! I owe child support so my license is suspended, her earning potential is way higher than mine unless I pull out the plow and hit the streets, but as we all know instant gratification is usually bitter sweet, stuck between a rock and a hard place a whammy and a ace,  then I see myself in the mirror face to face

You’re so strong that they systemically try to destroy you, just vibe at the right frequency and the universe will employ you, vibe so high that the universe spoils you, and once you conquer this life to the next it will deploy you


Everything I love seems to leave so when I fall in love I start to grieve

Won’t be long now before something I previously did resurfaces; before the love came I was kind of an asshole for all intents and purposes

The things I said before I don’t mean now but the things I said before were so mean and so foul when they cross my mind I’M like WOW

I’ve only seen one relationship make it, so if I saw a chance to stray I would take it, shoot my shot one hand in the air, my jerseys forever in the rafters it’s right there

Plus the odds are we’re not going to last forever, so the feeling of having to make up for lost time I want to feel never, double edge sword I seal my own fate because I feel like it’s already written, when I share this theory the rebuttal is always you gotta be bullshitin

When I fall in love I start to grieve because everything I love I force to leave then I banish everything I love to happy memories on my sleeve and I can look down and smile in times like these