I hate going into Viking mode but I’ll do it, if you have a problem with me please don’t pursue it

I’ve been known to overreact at times, my anger is different and it blinds

I won’t see destroying you will also kill me, I’m just letting you know I have a knack for efficiency

I’ll take the red flags and make a bandana, introduce ape mode and then the banana

A lot of smoke but it’s not trees, stop drop and roll will not stop these

A peaceful man fighting an inner war, you cut me and I promise these demons will take you on a tour



I have to move through life like I have a hundred bricks on me at all times, I can’t drift and drive I have to stay  between the lines, I have to remember that I’m always going to be the aggressor even in situations where I had to apply no pressure, 6′ 2″ 220 bald head black male with a beard, I’m the usual suspect and I just got here, my tattoos automatically mean thug Life, but if you look closer all you’ll see is my child and my future wife, yes I do feel like I need a gun because I’m going to get shot in the back if I run, give me the same dignity that you give Tommie the dog, you can’t be mad at me because my mind is digital and you stuck on analog, I hold doors and take my elders groceries in the house, I just want you to know I’m tired of being emasculated and why I might want to punch you in the mouth



Beware of any man that calls himself a king, especially if there is no evidence to be seen, how did you earn your crown and on what battleground, was it hereditary succession or is it time for a confession, do you really deserve the title or is it unprovable like scriptures from the Bible, does the monarchy really exist and for the record a King understands all of this, a great leader lays it all on the line to protect his people, but the line I see behind you is full of sheeple, beware of any man that calls himself king, especially if there is no evidence to be seen


When I got bigger than the bullies I became leader of the pack, you whip one kid ass and they see you not going for that, I had kids that used to beat me up breaking in hostess trucks for snacks, power rush..  I think I’m addicted to that

I was beard gang at 15 years old, I used to walk into U-totem to get my beer because it was cold, I used to get my Newports from 7-Eleven though and my XXX magazines, at this point I was trying to show grown ladies moves they never seen

Don’t blame the clerk’s or the women, whoever remember I kept gold coins to go swimming, but what had more effect were those every other weekend visits dwindling, plus relations at 12 gave me the confidence of any man to pick my vices off the shelf, balcony at school I’m such a good planner, that’s the day I became the Hulk and erased Bruce Banner.. virginity story if you’re a slow understander

A lot of the stuff I write you have to read slow and listen fast, more than likely if you don’t understand I’m using an analogy about sex crime or cash, 6 out of 10 times if it’s heartfelt than you know the situation and know I’m not chasing any clout just anticipation, the other four times I’m probably in the 5th dimension wondering about a black owned plantation



I stay alive for a living, every morning my eyes open is Thanksgiving, when I go to sleep I’m fighting to beat the night, if my conscious mind comes back I got another chance to make it write, I got another chance to make these words flow, I got another chance to come up with a combination and syllable count to make your mind blow, I’m out here creating literary gymnastics, look back at my catalog I spit that super fantastic, that get back break up, I hate you make up, a womanizers wake up, trying to teach these kids how to get that cake up, I been nice I just been keeping it a secret, everything I right is between me and you and that’s how I want to keep it


Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my thoughts ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾

DRUGZ..  how many of us need them??  DRUGZ… How many of us use them?? .. DRUGZ… How many of us need them?? Let’s be real

Everybody has a vice, some are accepted and some make people look twice, some roll up to forget and be at ease, some pop pills and blame it on their knees, one time I talked to a dude that huffed freon, I just listened as he told me about the high he on

Some break out the skis and go on holiday, not Christmas but Doc they act erratic in a way, others travel with a tourniquet and have to tie off to get their blast, if they aspirate this will be their last

Some people argue whether or not this one should qualify, but it has to be a drug if you keep drinking after your first D.U.I, you can chalk it up as just having too much fun, but it has to be a drug at least when you catch your second one, you figured it out so now you only drink at home, only problem is you drove everyone away so now you’re all alone

Not to leave anyone out we got the hardest working on the list, sell their daughters laptop for ten minutes worth of bliss, can fix the engine on everything from a 72 Impala to a Rolls-Royce wraith, swear on his mama grave and he was with her yesterday, come on baby I got you when my check come on payday, needless to say a week later he got the beats by Dre

DRUGZ..  how many of us need them??  DRUGZ… How many of us use them?? .. DRUGZ… How many of us need them?? Let’s be real


Crime pays just not on the bottom floor you have to go past the Plug the CEO makes way more, privatized jails dispensaries and Payday loans on every block; while your check gets garnished before you can even grocery shop, I can’t do certain things to feed my family, but you do those exact things? to me that’s the definition of insanity, everyday black men are being radicalized you’re turning us into super predators as we were once categorized, you made black women not need us and become independent, whole time I can’t get a job!! I owe child support so my license is suspended, her earning potential is way higher than mine unless I pull out the plow and hit the streets, but as we all know instant gratification is usually bitter sweet, stuck between a rock and a hard place a whammy and a ace,  then I see myself in the mirror face to face

You’re so strong that they systemically try to destroy you, just vibe at the right frequency and the universe will employ you, vibe so high that the universe spoils you, and once you conquer this life to the next it will deploy you


Everything I love seems to leave so when I fall in love I start to grieve

Won’t be long now before something I previously did resurfaces; before the love came I was kind of an asshole for all intents and purposes

The things I said before I don’t mean now but the things I said before were so mean and so foul when they cross my mind I’M like WOW

I’ve only seen one relationship make it, so if I saw a chance to stray I would take it, shoot my shot one hand in the air, my jerseys forever in the rafters it’s right there

Plus the odds are we’re not going to last forever, so the feeling of having to make up for lost time I want to feel never, double edge sword I seal my own fate because I feel like it’s already written, when I share this theory the rebuttal is always you gotta be bullshitin

When I fall in love I start to grieve because everything I love I force to leave then I banish everything I love to happy memories on my sleeve and I can look down and smile in times like these