FAMβ€’Iβ€’LY 2020

Only time we’re at piece is at funerals, every other time we’re judging each other like tribunals, that one fake, this one a snake, watch that one cause you know what they take

Fake hugs fake concern and fake speech, they’ll stab you in the back before somebody off the street, if you have a moral compass it’s hard to compete plus they don’t feel like you’ll bust their head to the white meat

Call something out and they’ll label you an asshole, like you only existed in the present and not the past though, to be honest we really don’t even like each other, we only fake it for the grandmother

You know how they are is cancer to my ears, you can accept it but I don’t have to be here, transfer that loyalty to the one that I made, and if it’s a problem we can run the fade



I hate going into Viking mode but I’ll do it, if you have a problem with me please don’t pursue it

I’ve been known to overreact at times, my anger is different and it blinds

I won’t see destroying you will also kill me, I’m just letting you know I have a knack for efficiency

I’ll take the red flags and make a bandana, introduce ape mode and then the banana

A lot of smoke but it’s not trees, stop drop and roll will not stop these

A peaceful man fighting an inner war, you cut me and I promise these demons will take you on a tour



You are absolutely gorgeous but that’s not enough, could you understand a life filled with grief pain and similar stuff, what that mind do is a question and I need answers, if pretty is all there is than it will eat away at this union like a cancer, can you help me plan this strategy and tweak my ideas? If the answer is yes I need you right here, if pretty is all that’s on the table, you know I can find another real life no fable



I’m at war with myself every other day, the ones in between I’m trying to find a way, fork in the road cant even describe the situation, it’s a hell of a choice to choose life or adjudication, I could Dominique Dawes and come back with a grip, gold medals and all for making this money flip, heavy is the head of the king in the castle, in all honesty hustling is a hassle, I’m trying to rely on talent and not brute force but to keep it hundo I don’t know how long I can maintain this course



Only reason why you don’t cheat is because you don’t want to be alone but let’s be honest it’s been some time since this house was a home I know you don’t love me I can feel it when you hug me that’s why I started making my own coffee the things I’ve done you might drug me

I know about all the dudes texting you trying to get you to leave me I went through your Google drive and none of their words could see me I’ve known for about 6 months notice I didn’t say nothing I was hoping that you would be like me and do something

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to leave I’m holding you back from what you deserve is what I believe I’m going to stop trying to take the coward’s way out I know this is still going to break your heart I just didn’t want to see it play out