Yeah I write haikus too

Pain in your eyes hurts
I was a coward playing
Pain in my heart earned



I’ve got action on a Wednesday, when its hot on the block I got somewhere to lay, I guess you might wonder what makes me speak this way..

Your girl (my girl, my girl) talking bout  your girl (my girl)

I got so much spit game, the pimps envy me, my kush stronger than everybody else’s trees, I guess you say what can make me play this way..

Your girl (my girl, my girl) talking bout  your girl (my girl)

I ain’t spent no money, but I take her on walks in the rain, she said my mind makes her body feel trembles and the explosion is insane, I guess you’d say what type of evil games I play..

You gave me (your girl, your girl) talking about My girl My girl


Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my thoughts ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾

DRUGZ..  how many of us need them??  DRUGZ… How many of us use them?? .. DRUGZ… How many of us need them?? Let’s be real

Everybody has a vice, some are accepted and some make people look twice, some roll up to forget and be at ease, some pop pills and blame it on their knees, one time I talked to a dude that huffed freon, I just listened as he told me about the high he on

Some break out the skis and go on holiday, not Christmas but Doc they act erratic in a way, others travel with a tourniquet and have to tie off to get their blast, if they aspirate this will be their last

Some people argue whether or not this one should qualify, but it has to be a drug if you keep drinking after your first D.U.I, you can chalk it up as just having too much fun, but it has to be a drug at least when you catch your second one, you figured it out so now you only drink at home, only problem is you drove everyone away so now you’re all alone

Not to leave anyone out we got the hardest working on the list, sell their daughters laptop for ten minutes worth of bliss, can fix the engine on everything from a 72 Impala to a Rolls-Royce wraith, swear on his mama grave and he was with her yesterday, come on baby I got you when my check come on payday, needless to say a week later he got the beats by Dre

DRUGZ..  how many of us need them??  DRUGZ… How many of us use them?? .. DRUGZ… How many of us need them?? Let’s be real


So I’m in the backseat handcuffs on my wrist, I can still feel em everytime I think about this

At this point I’m getting compliments about my choice of firearm and how it could defeat the armor they had on, I’m like yeah unfortunately that’s gonna be about the eighth one gone, everytime this happen y’all take  one bruh, so I’m guessing my baby eagle gone huh

I just got out from my second one, three months later I catch my third, I’m still on probation for the second one; yeah this is absurd, on to booking we go, if they give me a bond it’ll be high because of my other case, lucky for me I got enough in my pocket to get me, fuk face

Hear the clink in the morning then the bright lights, I’m about to go in front of the monitor and roll the dice, come on hard six not trying to take a cold shower for lice, got a lecture then he put twenty on my head, that’s cool I got over two in property like I previously said

First phonecall I know this number by heart, it’s a dub I got the ten in property go ahead and make the paperwork start, oh and call to see if you can catch my car, they were being difficult said they were taking it out far

Finally twelve hours later I’m back in control, returning missed calls telling a copy of a story I already told, Khalid before Khalid another one, same folks same jurisdiction; this should be fun


This was written to go in my second book, but I think the streets need it now. We have to look in the mirror and accept the fact that we played a part.

I pop pills, smoke blunts and drink heavy too, if I do that to me imagine what I’ll do to you, animosity is my comfort zone if it’s between me and you; I’m making it home, roaming the streets looking for the next lick, why should I care? nobody ever gave a shit, pops gone momma can’t afford me, I’m about to catch dude in the Honda Accord B, heard he got stacks all blue faces, cock the pistol tie my shoes laces, I’m a Savage give a fuk about you seeing faces, I’mma let this cannon pop 9 out of ten cases, wait till I get about 3 paces pop, pop, pop, blood in the air I can taste it, I gotta do what I gotta do just face it, if you were I would you trade places? probably not they say I belong in cages, they might be right but I wasn’t born with any Aces ; I got a dick on my Glock so not tonight, I don’t have time to ponder if it’s right, all I know is momma need money for lights

VOL. 2

They want me to talk about bodies they want me to talk about drugs, how is this poems from the trap but all you talk about is love?, I had to reel em in first and get their attention, in Vol. 2 I’m going to write about everything you just mentioned and how to Dominique Dawes your money to ascension, stay away from detention, step lite around contention, avoid your name being mentioned through the grapevine, tell you how to react when it’s ape time, been there done it, no 50/50 if you in it gotta be a hundred, but make sure you really wanna run it, take the good with the bad, and subsequently your kids might end up without a dad


Any ole local joker can conquer the flesh, I want your mind put me in between the happiness and stress, I already know I can make your body tremble, something like a drum stick when it hits a cymbal
We can talk all night no problem with Cee, I’ll even hold you as we fall asleep, wake up and do it all over again, before you get the business; I gotta know you’re all in, I need to know what that mind do, I need to know the demons we fighting before they find you
You ever had your mind massaged  and stroked? You ever felt euphoria from words being spoke? You ever look beyond the here and now? You ever heard a voice so melodic it made you smile?
If I can’t make you better what are we even doing, if I can’t make you better why would I even be pursuing, yeah gift of gab made the spit game super magnificent, when it comes to matters of the mind it is omnipotent
Let those souls connect like Bluetooth, I can feel your vibe that’s enough proof, think about me magically your phone rings, I’m on my way do you need me to bring anything, I’m not the first to explore your body, but I do want to be the first to make your mind my hobby