You want me to fix you but I’ll never be enough, I tell you I love you and try to call your bluff, you’re not chasing me you’re chasing a feeling, I live on the edge of tomorrow is the thing that you find appealing but you’re not aware of all the demons that I’m concealing and all the things that’s going to take time for revealing, you’ve never seen when the guns come out or know about kick door when the funds run out, all you have ever seen is what I let you see, I’ve never introduced you to the everything went left me, only reason why I’m keeping it this real is because I know I can’t make decisions based on how I feel, if it was up to me another place another time I know I would definitely do whatever it took to make you mine, but that ain’t this and that ain’t it, I do love you, but I ain’t shit


She said she was tired of men trying to fuk on her!! like she’s supposed to be impressed because he can spend a buck on her ??

She likes talking phycology and the phases of the moon; not to mention if you did the math she can afford to buy her own spoon and if you’re gonna do right you better do it soon

She said most men were average and it’s only been a few to unlock her mind and see her intellectual savage, she smokes every now and then; she’ll tell you if you ask she doesn’t see a need to pretend

I could hear the pain in her voice during our conversation, she said it worried her because it seemed like sex was the only thing men were chasing, plus a roof and someone with an occupation, what happened to our generations dedication? ? Sheesh

She said that she was so much more than that, and the only thing she needed was her equal to massage her back, she wanted to go to sleep worry free and not have to wonder if her future was worth living to see, all she wants is to activate the wonder twins and not wonder where that other bracelet has been; but time and time again she finds herself getting fuked on by the enemy and not her best friend, she said because you know you’re my best friend right big head? Yeah diddo to what you just said

She said thanks for listening and not trying to fuk on me.. when you find you’re what I’m looking for.. we’re gonna have to approve her and put all our conversations on speakerphone to soothe her



When you start talking like you grew up with me everyday is when I know you’re started to feel a way, when you start talking in my unique vernacular is when I know those butterflies are moving spectacular, when you start trying to manage my potential the most and start talking about exponential growth, when my phone dies and I go incommunicado; you hunt me down like a most wanted Desperado, to be honest I’m feeling you just as much, but don’t forget yourself and get lost in my touch, don’t forget who you are trying to be who you think I want my her to be, I want you to be who you are as a common courtesy


Im at war with God trying to rewrite his words he says one thing I do what I prefer, fork in the road I go straight; at least that way it’s a 50/50 fate, I have more victories than I have losses, I can politic with the masses and converse with bosses; but that’s the part I’m trying to rewrite I’m trying to get them all to see they’re bosses in their own rite, I hope my words reach someone and inspires them to be better than I have, if I made it through they can definitely withstand the wrath, keep your head up redemption is closer than you think, keep your head up no matter what you can’t sink, keep your head up never hit the ground, keep your head up you can’t tip the crown, keep your head up the babies looking up, keep your head up, it’s a half full cup


“It’s easy to always take a woman’s side if you’ve never bared witness to what happens when estrogen and adrenaline collide”~ya boy 💥💥💥💥


They said it was supposed to hurt at the end I look around and see no family nor friend, I can’t believe the wolves got me heaven or hell I’ll be waiting for whoever shot me, I remember a flash of fire a voice saying it’s time to retire, I was fighting you know I shot back but they flanked me and hit me in my back, they would be organized when they came at me, I wasn’t ready they beat the cameras I couldn’t see, I still was thinking that I could defend my home until that second one hit me in the collar bone, I dropped the hand of God that’s when I knew it was over, only thing that could save me now is a swat team or a four leaf clover, I might don’t make it running threw my head then everything my mother ever said, I really think I should have listened, now Im covered in blood about to be missing, my babies whole life ran through my head I should have been a soccer dad instead, it’s still better than jail or a jury trial, with my last everything I picked up the phone to dial, you gotta be kidding me, no signal; got damn Sprint, with my last breath I started to repent


You never had a friend like me; one that understands you’re pain and agony, where am I’m going ? with all the secrets I’m holding, I’m with you just let me know the play before we run it, if you need a getaway driver I’m gonna gun it, I’m more than your diary or a place to vent, it’s like I’m a curator for all questionable events, you need a witness ? What the business ? Cool hand Luke on the stand, it’s impossible that happened we were together and; hopefully shit goes as planned, esp or some other phenomenon we linked up, if shit go left we both clinked up, right or wrong second line or a victory song, I’m a ryder, hood insider, it was over when I saw the god inside her; it would be a sin to violate her being, I have a platonic friend sometimes it’s hard for me to believe what I’m seeing


Today is July 6, 2019 and the world we live in is in complete disarray. Real is not real fake is in, petty has replaced common sense along with common decency. We have a crook in the oval office; and not a good one may I add. Everything revolves around social media likes and comments. The world is at a point where doing something “out of the kindness of your heart” has to be documented for a later release. It seems as if love has lost the ongoing battle to vanity. What happened to morals what happened to genuine people? In my opinion social media was a social experiment that can no longer be controlled. From something that was supposed to bring us together to something that drives depression, murders, suicides, etc. I’m not blaming all the world’s problems on social media but I think it fuels a large percentage of them. Think about it we have a president that bullies people on social media via twitter. Some people would commit murder on camera over social media “beef” opposed to getting beat up on camera. Its people literally making fools of themselves to go “viral” people of all races and ethnicities perpetuate stereotypes for a like. Who do those likes come from what value do they add to your life. We’ve become brainwashed by technology. The computers have already taken over, take a look around. The faster the technology comes the more we depend on it and we don’t use the most powerful computer known to mankind which is the human brain. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that social media is not a powerful tool, but when used right. I get it if you have a talent to monetize than yes social media is a powerful tool; I don’t know if twerking applies, but if that’s your talent than aye. All I’m saying is please doing let social media define who you are as a person. What’s the point in living on the internet like The Sims when people know you in real life, who you fooling your followers or yourself? It’s so much more to life than a like. The ironic part` is that social media has replaced social skills, from how to talk to a woman to how to talk to a man to how to conduct an intelligent conversation. I’m not bashing social media but at the same time this is not the end all be all.