Any animosity or problems I may have had, I leave them in yesterday where they can do no bad

If I dwell and let them fester, I promise you I’ll be more the joker than a jester

My mind moves very fast, to the point I’ve seen your future in my past, you can’t jump over the fire you have to walk through and to be honest I don’t think it’s in you

Stay on the sidewalk and keep your pass, but just know I do reserve the right to pull out this pen and ether your ass



We act like we gang gang but that’s just a facade usually perpetrated when a camera is on a tripod, to be completely transparent I’ll only ride for a few, so chances are I wouldn’t step into the gray area with you, the closets are walk in my thriller jacket in the back, I’m cordial with the skeletons which allow me to talk like that, when I stand up in church everybody turns into a chicken, what he about to say am I going to have to raise my tithe giving, I’ve seen people get leaned on with massive threats, but it seems like the most fearful is a truth that won’t forget



I do a lot of things to make me appear softer, but if she’s smiling in my face than I probably coughed her, she know what I mean I don’t care if you do, plus she only introduced us to fuk with you throw a alley-oop see what I would do, it’s all good though I pose no threat, she and I already have memories that she will never forget, go ahead try to make my baby happy, but I did wonder if you were the dude fixated on her calling you Daddy, CREEP SHIT CREEP SHIT CHESTER ALERT and my second thought was; he got on her shirt, that conversation on the way home had to be fire, she would have been texting me the details had I not retired



This is one from my book Poems from the trap volume 1. I don’t always talk about nefarious activities, it gets emotional too, but don’t get it twisted

Give me one more chance and I’ll write all my wrongs, give me one more chance and I’ll write you a song

I’ll tell the world that you are my universe, I’ll tell the stars that you cum first

You can look at my sleeves & see tattoo tears, If you look in my eyes you’ll see a lot of regret and wishing you were here

I been working my way back to you
I’m six two but my soul grew and my common sense too

Y’all come first over everything in existence, It was a revolution and I didn’t miss it

Black love is the most beautiful on Earth and a black woman is the mother of birth

No blessings will come to me until I do right by you, and I pray I can fall asleep every night next to you

Dear higher power please hear my words, I came back from the edge to be what they deserve



No matter how cold the night may seem, don’t give up the serpent of old is trying to implement his scheme
He’ll put people in your life to make you second guess, the first one in hell trying to make you a permanent guest

It’ll be plenty of bumps on the road to glory, your life is a book it’s up to you to tell the story, cry every now and then to release the  pain, you’re an angel so your tears would be heavenly rain

Never give up always fight to the end, just intertwine your fingers when you need a friend, when it’s all said and done and you write the last chapter in your book, I’ll be waiting at the gates, we always knew you had what it took


She likes dope boys so you never really had a chance she let you get close because she still wanted romance, I think it bothers her because neither will ever be what the other need, only reason I know is because she tells me when we’re smoking weed

Yeah she smoke too and roll like she grew up in Cuba… sideline, was she in the band because her lips move like she playing a tuba; nevermind T.M.I. here I am talking crazy when you’re about to cry

You seem like a nice guy so this is what I’mma do, I’ll block her and I’ll block you too so that way you won’t get drunk one night in your feelings and your call come through, try to save both of us from something we probably don’t want to do

No hard feelings I totally get your position bruh, this the first time you stuck to your intuition huh, imma do you one better and disappear, now I’m depending on you to make her not reappear



Beware of any man that calls himself a king, especially if there is no evidence to be seen, how did you earn your crown and on what battleground, was it hereditary succession or is it time for a confession, do you really deserve the title or is it unprovable like scriptures from the Bible, does the monarchy really exist and for the record a King understands all of this, a great leader lays it all on the line to protect his people, but the line I see behind you is full of sheeple, beware of any man that calls himself king, especially if there is no evidence to be seen


When I got bigger than the bullies I became leader of the pack, you whip one kid ass and they see you not going for that, I had kids that used to beat me up breaking in hostess trucks for snacks, power rush..  I think I’m addicted to that

I was beard gang at 15 years old, I used to walk into U-totem to get my beer because it was cold, I used to get my Newports from 7-Eleven though and my XXX magazines, at this point I was trying to show grown ladies moves they never seen

Don’t blame the clerk’s or the women, whoever remember I kept gold coins to go swimming, but what had more effect were those every other weekend visits dwindling, plus relations at 12 gave me the confidence of any man to pick my vices off the shelf, balcony at school I’m such a good planner, that’s the day I became the Hulk and erased Bruce Banner.. virginity story if you’re a slow understander

A lot of the stuff I write you have to read slow and listen fast, more than likely if you don’t understand I’m using an analogy about sex crime or cash, 6 out of 10 times if it’s heartfelt than you know the situation and know I’m not chasing any clout just anticipation, the other four times I’m probably in the 5th dimension wondering about a black owned plantation


Yeah I write haikus too

Pain in your eyes hurts
I was a coward playing
Pain in my heart earned