Only reason why you don’t cheat is because you don’t want to be alone but let’s be honest it’s been some time since this house was a home I know you don’t love me I can feel it when you hug me that’s why I started making my own coffee the things I’ve done you might try to off me

I know about all the dudes texting you trying to get you to leave me I went through your Google drive and none of their words could see me I’ve known for about 6 months notice I didn’t say nothing I was hoping that you would be like me and finally do something

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to leave I’m holding you back from what you deserve is what I believe I’m going to stop trying to take the coward’s way out I know this is still going to break your heart I just didn’t want to be around to see that part #LEXICONKILLER

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