I don’t call you to borrow money
and I laugh at your jokes even when they’re not funny

I try to be there whenever you call, just to let you know you come before it all, my day seems incomplete each time you and I don’t speak, whether we’re by ourselves or in the middle of a crowd, I don’t have a problem expressing my love out loud,  and thats simply because I love you

No matter what happens throughout my day at the end of the night  I make sure for us I pray, one of the only people that make me swallow my pride, one of the only people I let inside, for some reason when you shed a tear I cry too, I guess that’s what true love makes you do, when I wake up first I kiss you on the cheek I want you to understand what I’m thinking even if I don’t speak,
and that’s simply because I love you

I understand that the sun won’t always shine, but I need you to understand that I always want you to be mine, in the darkest night you can close your eyes, take my hand and let me be your sight, I wanna be your bridge when the water gets ruff,
when it comes to this love I could never get enough, YOU inspire me to do great things and I’m anxious to see what that inspiration brings, I said all that just to say this, when we’re not together you are terribly missed 
Simply because I love you

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